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Photoshop: create three-dimensional text

In this photoshop tutorial, we use light and shadow to make some of the most basic principles of text to produce a beautiful and majestic effect.

Light source

Before we begin this exciting photoshop tutorial, here is a light shining on a simple object diagram. This is a square in the middle of the object and light from the top left. You can see the light shining in the object's surface, while the other side had a shadow. Note that the patch of shadow projection is not a common style in Photoshop, that would make objects appear to float on the canvas. We hope that it looks like a three-dimensional object is fixed on the canvas. Well, let us begin, as seated in the same school class ....

photoshop tutorial Step 1

First of all, we have gray to dark gray canvas capped with a linear gradient, the direction from top left to bottom right, as mentioned earlier: our light in the upper left corner, so the more light the end of the gradient should be located in the upper left corner.

photoshop tutorial Step 2

Next, we type some text, I use a cool font, called the "Agency FB", gives a very compact, tough feeling, and then fill the font is gray blue, could be "# C2C8D4".

photoshop tutorial Step 3

Next, hold down the CTRL key and click the text layer (this step will have a constituency), and create a new layer. Constituency in the just generated, draw the bottom right corner to left by a linear gradient, gradient color # 495a79 to transparent. This will make the lower right part of the letter looks more dark.

photoshop tutorial Step 4

The foreground color set to black (you can press "D" to set the shortcut key);

Then hold down the CTRL key while you click the text layer and create a new layer is located below the text layer. Press down and right arrow keys to the first, and then press Alt + Backspace fills the black, and then down and right arrow keys once, and once again filled with black. This process was repeated thirty times, each time moving one pixel, so this is why the use of shortcut keys Alt + Backspace replace the fill tool to fill an important reason.

Also, note that when you use the arrow keys when the mobile constituencies rather than fill layers, so to keep the Marquee tool. When you switch to move tool when being moved will be the fill layer, rather than constituencies.

photoshop tutorial Step 5

Next, deselect, and determine the current is located in the shadow of the layers, using the filter / blur / Motion Blur, Angle value fill 45, a distance of 30 pixels.

photoshop tutorial Step 6

Merge all of the shadow layer, and set the opacity to 40%, then hold down SHIFT and press down and right direction keys, so every time a unit of 10 pixels for the shift (in the PS where, Shift key mean of 10 pixels per unit). This time, you will find the shadow of the post by the fuzzy filter will be part of the object beyond the top and left, use the soft side, a small excess part of the eraser tool to carefully erase the shadow (which can refer to our section further mentioned that when the chart).

photoshop tutorial Step 7

Then copy the shadow layer, hold down the Shift key and right again and move down 10 pixels, then use the offset is 50 pixels, 45-degree angle of the Motion Blur filter, set this layer opacity to 20%, Under the merger to, so you can make more realistic shadows.

Create a new layer above all layers in the present, hold down the Ctrl key to click the text layer Select all pixels, and then back to just fill the new layer on white. Do not abolish the constituency, the constituency are moving down and right 1 pixel, and then press the Delete key to delete.

Then set the opacity of this layer to 80%.

photoshop tutorial Step 9

As you can see, just the white side of the text block layer formed a high light area, making objects appear more three-dimensional.

photoshop tutorial Step 10

Then we have to create several beams of natural light. Create a new layer, located above all the layers, draw the approximate width of 4 or 5 rectangular white bars (can be gradually increased, as shown below).

photoshop tutorial Step 11

Then hold down the Ctrl + T to do free transform, rotate, stretch, as shown, when satisfied, press ENTER key to exit. But this step can be the first state in no hurry to quit transform the contrary, you can right-click pop-up menu bar, select the other transformation options in there. Select "Focus", to start this step can make the layer change has been out of state. Select the top and left two anchor points, making it more close, making like a rectangular white bars come out from the light distribution.

photoshop tutorial Step 12

As shown, we now have four beams, "white", put this layer on top of other layers, set the transparency of 20%, run Filter> Fuzzy> Gaussian blur, taking fuzzy values 6 pixels.

photoshop tutorial Step 13

After the above steps, you will see the effects as shown below.

photoshop tutorial Step 14

So far, it has been seen as four rectangular white bars of light, then, obviously, the diagram should only show the high part of the light layers, that have been touched by light to show up because the rest is not light shine Thus, it should be hidden 鎵嶅. Therefore, Ctrl and click the light layers, obtained constituency, remain the same constituency, return to high light some of the host layers, new mask, the outside part of the constituency will be kept up.

photoshop tutorial Step 15

In fact, here we have to end, as shown in the results look quite charming. But I would also like to add on this basis the effect of some warm inside.

First of all, above the original background layer to create a new layer, fill pink color - # 9d506c.

photoshop tutorial Step 17

Then change the layer blend mode for the pink color mode, reduce the opacity to 20%, given the background of a very comfortable feeling of warm red, on top of this, we can integrate some of the yellow.

photoshop tutorial Step 18

The next new one in the pink layer above the background, filling is white, use the filter> render> lighting effects. I am not a very common lighting effects, but in fact, a kind of good lighting effects with the effect called "two hour light", you can select the option to side on the left side of the preview window preview, of course, you direct reference to the default effect, but according to our purpose, we have to be stretched oval, making light of light emitted is more divergent and real.

photoshop tutorial Step 19

Now we have to put all the other layers light layers on top, and you will find some of the effect of layer was Zhecang living, such as shadow layer. The light layers opacity set to 40%, so as to ensure lighting effects not only have an effect on the background, but also on the text layer.

photoshop tutorial Conclusion

Finally, copy the top level of the light layers, and set the opacity to 65%, adding masks, and make the mask from the upper left to lower right of the linear black and white gradient, so just add a light layer to the right Under the direction of gradually disappear.

photoshop tutorial effect chart


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Fireworks 4.0 Zhezhao Daquan ---- Lesson region Zhe Zhao

Lesson region Zhe Zhao

Fireworks 4.0 support directly to the clip version is pasted on the canvas Zhe Zhao Zhe Zhao target object in the region.

Here the object region is Zhe Zhao determine the scope of the outer boundary.

Region Zhe Zhao

1. Created by Zhe Zhao object.

2. Zhezhao objects will be cut to the clipboard. Select the menu Edit -> Cut (Ctrl + x)

3. To create and select Zhezhao object.

4. Use Edit -> Paste Inside (Ctrl + Shift + v) the command object in the region formed in Zhe Zhao Zhe Zhao.

Board level

Note: Use the Paste inside production Zhezhao first object into the clipboard will be Zhezhao default object into the clipboard. This is Paste as Mask first Zhezhao object into the clipboard contrary.

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Motorola will split into two independent companies

March 27, according to foreign media reports, Motorola announced this week three, the Board has decided to split the company into two separate listed companies. One of the focus on mobile devices, while another focused on broadband and mobile solutions.

According to current plans, the two independent companies will be tax-free allocation of shares to Motorola stockholders, but also on further financial, tax and legal analysis.

In response, Greg Brown, Motorola's CEO and president, said: "The decision was the company's management, board of directors and an independent consultant to conduct a thorough and extensive assessment made."

Brown also said: "Creating two industry-leading companies will provide greater flexibility, capital structure more simple, more centralized management, as well as more targeted investment opportunities."

In fact, as early as last year, investors Kaeryiken radicalism once said: "Motorola should be split into four companies: a mobile devices company, an enterprise mobility company, a home networking company, a mobile network infrastructure equipment the company. "1 at the end of this year, Motorola has confirmed that the company is considering splitting its handset business unit.

As Motorola's investor Kaeryiken long been dissatisfied with the performance of Motorola. This week, Mr. Icahn to the Motorola in Delaware Chancery Court proceedings, asked for the company and the mobile phone business executives of some of the information, to investigate whether they dereliction of duty.

Divided into two by the impact of news, Motorola shares rose 8%. Week 2, Motorola shares closed 9.76 U.S. dollars per share, compared with a year ago, down about 50%.

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Reflections on the supervision and standardization

Abstract In this paper, the construction industry in China since the implementation of the supervision system to the current situation and difficulties faced, explore the various reasons, and from the practice of supervision of construction work on the standardization of China put forward their own views.

1 Supervision of the present situation and the environment faced by

Supervision of construction projects undertaken in nearly ten years, due to the construction industry for many years entrenched ways of thinking and practice, making the implementation of supervision in accordance with international practice, the system is not perfect. Supervision of the conduct in this area has been stagnant deep, also resulted in the development of China's construction market is not standardized, unhealthy. Supervision of the present situation and problems due to environment, mainly in the following areas:

(1) most of the current construction projects are not the whole process of supervision, but only limited supervision of the construction phase of the project.

(2) in the supervision system, the three elements of "quality, investment and progress," control, the actual work is only to stay in quality control, and investment, the progress of the majority is a form of control, many still remain in the talk by the project owner count of the stage, did not reflect the impartiality of the Commissioner.

(3) in the supervision system implementation process, supervision of construction projects should have the necessary authority. Dan in China can not fully exercise their supervisory powers of supervision in accordance with criteria for issuing the important directives (Ru suspension order, resumption of work order, etc.) Since the parties failed to implement Zhixing Ganrao last.

(4) construction projects, due to conservative ideas, some owners can not straighten their position on the supervisory responsibilities under the contract does not actively perform, such as: do not pay the supervision fee under the contract on time, can not provide office space for the supervision and work facilities.

(5) As the construction market, increasing competition, the supervision and project supervision units to obtain competing to keep the prices down, causing the market cycle. Management remuneration is low, affecting the work of supervision engineer's enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

2 Analysis

2.1 The project owner has not changed the old concept of form drag on the supervision system to promote

Engineering Project Management System in accordance with international practice, project owners, contractors, construction supervision units form a mainstay of the market, they are each equal trimers, there is no affiliation between each other, nor is the relationship between employment and be employed. However, due to the current competitive construction market, demand exceeds supply, and the bidding system is not perfect, the owners seem, his supervision units and contractors are hired, and should listen to his command. Therefore, the supervision will often be the owners of interference and obstruction. In our previous supervisory experience in a project once it two things: a construction unit in the pouring of concrete, the surface structure with local anesthesia occurred, supervisors, after careful observation, that Ma face is partial, superficial, do not need special treatment.

Can make up for the course of follow-up of plaster, while the on-site owners on behalf of the lack of engineering experience, too much emphasis on project quality, the need to rework deal with, and unauthorized construction units work to make rectification order, both the delay time, increased construction unit costs unnecessarily. Another thing is the construction unit in the reinforced concrete construction process, there is no implementation of the process inspection system, reinforced by the supervisors did not verify the check and acceptance, but also did not get the concrete poured to make the case to unauthorized pouring of concrete, supervisors discovered , immediately issued a stop work order and request construction unit rework, but the owners to drive progress, strongly disagree supervisors views, resulting in orders can not be implemented. The opposite surface, these two things, but in fact the owners are not properly position itself, ultra vires the command, so that supervision can not be normal. Although some owners to control their investments to the supervising engineer, but it is only a superficial, when the progress of the project supervising engineer visa section of the certificate, the owner does not pay on time and quantity, resulting in supervising engineer on the project investment can not be effective control, also makes the schedule control has become empty talk. This is the "Three control" into "one control" of the main reasons.

2.2 Supervision needs to further improve the formulation of laws and regulations

Supervising engineer services for the owners, and owners have the authority and the commission before engaging in supervision. Thus, supervisors can easily be subject to the owners. When owners and contractors in the project implementation disputes, supervising engineer shall be subject to third-party standing in the position of Commissioner of the Code, the fair treatment of both disputes. In China, the current "standard of construction supervision of the commission contract terms," it does not confer the power of supervision engineer should therefore be able to manage this very difficult. For example, the "standard of construction supervision commission contract terms" Article 16 (2) provides: Release Management Engineer start order, suspension order, return to work order by the owner's consent to. This limits the independence of the work supervision engineer, will not be able to deal justly with the owners and contractors of the dispute. In the real work, will often see this phenomenon: As the work of upholding the principles of supervision engineers, and sometimes there was a deadlock on the make supervision; or just listen to the owners of the supervising engineer, and also allows supervision to lose impartiality.

2.3 Supervision Unit their own problems

Supervisors their quality is not high. As the current market standard in supervision, and supervision of low remuneration, supervision can not attract high-quality technical expertise, personnel engaged in supervision. Therefore, the supervisors presented the organizational structure of polarization: one is from the construction, design units are older retired from the engineering and technical personnel. These people have a certain theoretical and practical experience, but lack practical experience in project supervision. The other part is just and colleges allocated to the graduates. That some people experience worse. Some supervisors discipline loose, or even use work will take, take, to greatly damaged the reputation of the profession supervision. Although the nominal supervision units have a number of levels of qualification certificate and business license, but not their regular employees, do not possess the qualifications in supervision. Made task on a few people on the provisional Minato, mission was over, staff on the dissolution, not to mention conduct standardized supervision.

3 on the standard supervision Suggestions

3.1 The project owner to change the old ideas, and project owners to conduct the necessary constraints and norms

(1) The Government should be representatives of the owner or owners induction training. Analysis from the front, we can see the behavior of the owners is the impact of supervision carried out important factors. Supervision can be carried out smoothly, the key is whether there is a good quality of the owners. This is mainly because the owner holds a lot of construction activity in the decision-making power, but no corresponding rules and regulations binding. Supervisory personnel engaged in supervision, to have the certificate of supervision engineer positions, and the owners of the site owners or representatives of accredited project management do not need any certificate. They may not understand the procedures and working methods of supervision, technical expertise or do not know, but can use their power, subjectivity. The solution is to allow owners to learn the relevant state policies and regulations, learn the professional technical knowledge, and obtain the corresponding positions certificate to apply for construction permits and other relevant written procedures.

(2) to strengthen government enforcement inspection and supervision. Projects in accordance with international practice management system, the administrative department of the government building to the owners, contractors and supervision units and supervision of construction activities. But in fact, carry out the work in this area is relatively weak, causing some owners of irregularities or unreasonable demands in limbo, unable to correct the situation. Therefore, we should strengthen the government departments of law enforcement inspection and supervision and management, there is need for criticism and education through administrative penalties and other means, stipulating that the owners of 涓?irregularities.

3.2 to further modify and improve the supervision and regulations

The current supervision, the supervising engineer is difficult to play a role in contract management, mainly due to the existing legislation does not empower the Commissioner of supervision engineer should have power.鍥藉鐨勩?FIDIC 鍦熸湪宸ョ▼鏂藉伐鍚堝悓鏉′欢銆嬬殑绐佸嚭鐗圭偣鏄紝鍦ㄤ紬澶氭潯娆惧唴灏嗙鐞嗙殑鏉冨姏璧嬩簣浜嗙洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀銆傛瘮濡傦紝鍦ㄨ繘搴︽帶鍒舵柟闈紝鐩戠悊宸ョ▼甯堝彂甯冪殑寮?伐浠ゃ?鍋滃伐浠ゃ?澶嶅伐浠や笉闇?缁忚繃涓氫富鐨勫悓鎰忋?

銆??鍦ㄦ姇璧勬帶鍒舵柟闈紝涓氫富涓嶆寜鏃舵敮浠樺伐绋嬫锛岀洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鏈夋潈涓烘壙鍖呭晢杩藉姞寤舵湡鍒╂伅銆傚湪璐ㄩ噺鎺у埗鏂归潰銆傛壙寤哄晢蹇呴』鏃犳潯浠跺湴鎵ц鐩戠悊宸ョ▼甯堝彂甯冪殑娑夊強鍚堝悓鍐呯殑鍚勯」鎸囦护銆傝?涓旂洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鍙戝竷鐨勬寚浠や笉浠呭鎵垮缓鍟嗘湁绾︽潫鍔涳紝鑰屼笖瀵逛笟涓诲悓鏍峰叿鏈夌害鏉熷姏銆傚洜姝わ紝鎴戜滑搴斿?閴淬?FIDIC 鍚堝悓鏉′欢銆嬶紝淇敼鍜屽畬鍠勭洃鐞嗘硶瑙勶紝浣跨洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鍦ㄥ悎鍚岀鐞嗕腑灞呬簬鏍稿績鍦颁綅锛屼篃浣垮緱浠栬兘澶熷湪宸ヤ綔涓嚟鑷繁鐨勮亴涓氶亾寰枫?涓撲笟鎶?湳銆佸疄璺电粡楠岋紝鐙珛鍦版?鑰冮棶棰橈紝鍏鍦拌В鍐抽棶棰樸?

銆??3.3 鍩瑰吇涓?壒楂樼礌璐ㄧ殑宸ョ▼寤鸿鐩戠悊浜烘墠


銆??3.4 鍔犲己瀵圭洃鐞嗗崟浣嶇殑璧勮川瀹℃煡涓庣鐞?br />
銆??濡備笂鎵?堪锛岀洰鍓嶅悎鏍肩殑鐩戠悊浜哄憳骞朵笉澶氾紝浣嗘槸鐩戠悊鍗曚綅鍗存垚绔嬩簡寰堝锛屽憟鐜颁竴鍝勮?涓婄殑灞?潰銆傛寜鐓с?宸ョ▼寤鸿鐩戠悊鍗曚綅璧勮川绠$悊璇曡鍔炴硶銆嬶紝瀵圭幇鏈夌洃鐞嗗崟浣嶈繘琛岀殑璧勮川瀹℃煡锛屽涓嶅鏉′欢鐨勶紝璇ラ檷绾х殑闄嶇骇锛岃鎾ら攢鐨勬挙閿??鍙湁杩欐牱锛屾墠鑳芥爲绔嬭捣鐩戠悊琛屼笟鑹ソ鐨勮亴涓氬舰璞★紝鎺ㄥ姩鐩戠悊浜嬩笟鏈濊鑼冨寲銆佸埗搴﹀寲銆佺瀛﹀寲鏂瑰悜鍙戝睍锛屼繚璇佺洃鐞嗕簨涓氱殑鍋ュ悍鎴愰暱銆?br />


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Internal control: harm than good, or at every step

In the Shanghai National Accounting Institute in the years of internal control of the Dr. Song Deliang supervision of an enterprise is divided into three levels, the industry regulator, the main body of the SFC and other relevant departments; Second, corporate governance, mainly for listed companies, As the shareholders are very dispersed, and only the establishment of general meeting of shareholders, board of directors for the company shareholders delegate decision-making, the Board commissioned the management company to manage, delegate one level down, and finally formed a management command and Board of Directors, shareholders of the reverse command situation, it is prone to problems. Third, the management company within the institutional arrangements, such as separate accounting and cashier, marketing departments and audit departments separately and so on, this is what we call internal control. Song Deliang that many people regard the internal controls and corporate governance confused, in fact, most of the problems listed there are aspects of corporate governance issues, rather than internal control.

Small property rights, many of which are family-owned business in the internal control has some advantages, Song Deliang that its internal controls to achieve three goals, one in the course of business to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and second, to to ensure the reliability of financial reporting. Third, to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations can be achieved. Is to ensure that no problems result, the past, many enterprises have been stressed this point, timid, it ignores the efficiency, in fact the two are not contradictory, to be no problem, ensure the effectiveness of the same time, both high-efficiency, which SMEs is a higher goal.

But that SME Song Deliang highest goal of internal control is to ensure the strategic management of science update, but for many SMEs, are still unable to achieve this goal. Song Deliang was on a well-known beverage company did research, the company is from a family business gradually bigger and stronger. In the beginning and got a lot of business management, also has a very strong team, we are all striving to fight for the enterprise. But the company strong, the whole enterprise is mired in inertia, but seek only to enterprises employing situation --- the lack of update mechanism, people outside the family into the management have been excluded; purchasing mechanism for the lack of investigation, the blind trust for many years cooperation of suppliers and so on followed. The company now recognizes these problems, are trying transformation strategy.

"Profit-oriented SMEs biggest problem facing the internal control." Songde Liang said too much emphasis on small and medium business expansion at the expense of control of the business, in these enterprises, the most authoritative departments are often the marketing department, and This should be monitoring and control of the department's financial and internal audit department had to serve. Song Deliang that this practice is tantamount to quenching thirst with poison, "a management science and business, the three departments should be checks and balances." Although the short term, expansion of light weight indeed can provide a gain control, but over time, will affect the company's image, not conducive to long-term development.

He suggested that the internal control for the first SMEs to achieve three objectives, from corporate control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, and supervision of the five elements of an assessment of the business. Then based on the assessment results, targeted to strengthen internal control, so we can deal with, play good results.

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I am a third category

Across from the city to go in, I do not know how many people's dream to become a neon blink of an eye? However, I believe, is not easy to stop as long as the vision of reality will eventually surrender ... ...

One time chatting with a friend, accidentally mention that they have resigned. A friend on the phone over there immediately fixing authorities merely to ask, are you mad? You have done in the unit and hard about the treatment is also very good, where to find such a good job?

I do not have to explain to him more, do not expect to be supported ... ... Anyway, this is their thing.

Graduated from university, I found a job, to live a leisurely life. However, the novelty is over, I can not find a job in the fun and passion, can not find worthy of nostalgia for development. It only makes me feel tired. Is life too short sometimes only two days, one day is born, the day of death, which obscure the long trip, just to prove the existence of time. I was young, life should be like the surging of the magma!

Remember that time at the dinner table, I tell my colleagues that have nothing to do with their land in the unit cost of life, such as to sweep the street does not sweep too clean, people looked comfortable, she also did some practical things; staff immediately scoffed, Xie Nizhao eyes looking at me: "Then you go to sweep the street, ah, that would be so glorious, and thus earn less than we!" I quickly put that glass, Oh said, a bite to drink! Colleagues in this unit for three years, unwittingly used to and dependent on the state of this life, all day to look forward to the day of paychecks.

In my eyes, and her job is simply divided into such human categories: the first group is the canary, value treatment, as long as there is delicious good living, the loss of what he can endure; the second category are Collie, value outsiders (my colleagues and leaders, especially the latter) the degree of attention to him, as long as attention, he would remain faithful; The third category is the wild, not farmed for quiet, he likes the thrill of the wind-Benz, like the way in distance vision, like some kind of Road unknown sense of accomplishment. Of course, does not rule out the fourth category of people, can the first three features are combined, but that very few people. I considered the third category of people, right?

Is really drunk, why with the canary of wild horses live? Hot wine importers, but their hearts are sad and dreary. I fear that I stay, will be drained away Mustang's long mane, running hard hooves, become weak and numb.

Then just another thing happened: colleagues outside the department, suddenly quit well-paid work, went to a very poor rural Guangxi, with one of his German friends, stay there when the primary obligation of teachers. I heard there is very backward, very remote, and even cell phone signals are not, the Internet to 15 kilometers away! Unit was talking about, we think that's incredible. I understand why he did not understand, because we have been accustomed to content with life, the ideal has gradually faded. I have also become increasingly clear that they need to fear. Treatment unit does well, the leadership also has high regard, but not what I want the most. Dissipated when the passion, I can only resolutely choose to vote with their feet - than to leave.

After the resignation of a long period of time (in fact, not long, and today the whole month), I did not find suitable work, every day loitering. Living with my friend and asked: to regret, right? I did not regret it, you let me go back now, I do not want, hate cautiously, and apathy of the day.

The worst situation in life is often not poverty, nor is it bad luck, but the spirit and mind in a state of asleep. When everything moved over you can not move you, when attracted you can not appeal to you all, and even anger all over your anger you can not, then you need to start again to find another place to inspire your passion place.

U.S. "Happiness" magazine, in "for the answer column" in the subject, published through this one: If you re-select, what do you do? A military dignitaries want to go to the countryside to open a grocery store; a woman minister is going to run a small seaside hotel; a mayor's desire is diverted when the photographer. Several businessmen answer the most bizarre: a woman want to be enchanting, one would like to become a dog. During the general population are also answers to the President wants to do, want to diplomats, wants baker, and everything ... ... more than good, regardless of the abilities of the ideal, ideals, that is, happy people.

Across from the city to go in, I do not know how many people's dream to become a neon blink of an eye? However, they do not stop looking forward, I believe that reality will eventually surrender to the dream ... ...

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teach you from complex background using Photoshop cutout dress

Some time ago made a "wedding Matting simplest method" tutorial, many people asked, if the background is a flower, how to pull it? Today I again made a tutorial about this, I hope we can be inspired by this tutorial, we extend an open line of thought.

1, the following is the original image to be processed:

Pending pictures

2, with the pen tool or lasso tool to tick the main characters (ie non-transparent part) is as follow:

Tick the main body with a pen or lasso

3, as a constituency included in the path. This sentence does not matter if you clear, you press ctrl + Enter to path to ant line on the line. As shown:

As a constituency included in the path

4, to keep ants line the same, automatically generated by ctrl + j "Layer 1", hide the background layer, the effect shown in the figure:

Copy constituency for the new layer

5, hidden layer 1, back to the background layer, with the pen tool or lasso tool to tick transparent wedding, we also addressed this important part of transparency.

Outlined some of transparency Wedding

6 Similarly, the press ctrl + Enter so that the path to ant line. Press ctrl + j automatically generated "Layer 2", hidden background layer, the effect shown in the figure:

Generate a new layer copy of constituencies

7, hold down the ctrl key, electric shocks in the red circle icon with the mouse button in the bottom layer 2 automatically generates a "layer 3", will be filled with the blue layer 3, as shown:

New and fill layers

8, we are now thinking of how to dress in a way to get rid of grass in it? Gaussian blur can be done with specific practices, please continue to look down.

Gaussian blur

9, first layer 2 and layer mode to "brightness", you see, the grass disappeared, leaving a white wedding dress and white things like grass.

Change the layer mixed-mode

10, the same pen tool or lasso tool to tick the range of white grass area. As shown:

Outlines the scope of regional white grass

11, emergence constituency

Emergence constituency

12, emergence is 2

Eclosion value of 2

13, Gaussian blur

Gaussian blur

14, we see, by the Gaussian blur, the elimination of the Pennisetum-like things, but the wedding was not very transparent.

Gaussian blur effect

15, in order to make more transparent wedding, you need to adjust the "Brightness / Contrast" the.

Adjust the "Brightness / Contrast"

16, will transfer into the brightness value of -15, significantly higher than on the wedding plans a bit transparent.

Set the brightness value

17, press ctrl + d cancel ant line, so that layer 1 appears before the eyes, the wedding matting basically completed.


18, back to Layer 1, with the stamp tool to trim the edge of the weeds clothes.

Clothes with a seal tool to trim the edge of the weeds

19, with the stamp tool a few random points, the final results as shown:

We see, Wedding pull out! Is it difficult to pull it? As long as we are willing to use their brains, it is also not difficult!

Add this: We must note that this is a very important addition! If the background is different, the final results are not satisfactory, can be transparent to the color layer wedding, and then change the layer mode to "screen" (the "color filter"), then "Brightness / Contrast" command slightly adjusted depending on the circumstances, the effect as good.

To color

Change the layer mixed mode "screen (the color filter)"

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